Big Mountain Snow Paddles for Freeskiing and Snowboarding


Introducing, the Tribal Skull and Crossbone:
Big Mountain Snow Paddles. 

Re-Define Descent.


Tribal Snowtools designs and manufactures big mountain snow paddles that enhance backcounty, sidecounty and freeride experience. Whether you are surfing waist deep powder, freeskiing into remote chutes or landing first tracks at your local mountain, it will re-define your descent.


"I can carve harder, fall less, & power
through any run-out or flat section without stopping, which means more runs every session. Gotta have it!"

-Zan Morley, Lifelong snowboarder, 
Division I 


"The Tribal Skull has revolutionized snowboarding for me and, in 30 years,
I thought I had seen it all."

-Jason Kern, Master Level Snowboarder
& Coach

"The Tribal Crossbones bring the
big-wave surfing feel to the backcountry...
big fat turns and cutbacks, so much
more freedom. Everyone that sees me
wants mine!"

-Connor Field, Champion Free skier,
FWT Competitor


"I'm never going to ski with
poles again!"

-Trevor Dubock, aka Tie-Dye Twin
Backcountry Skier